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Well there's apparently been a massive conspiracy going on behind my back. Most of my family thinks I should get off my bum and start working, which I wanted to do anyway seeing as lack of work has made me gain a few extra pounds, lol. But however, there is a dilemma my sister (who now lives in Houston) has made me promise to clear my birthday week in order to spend it with her and well as a whole day of watching bands play at this festival and taking a mini-trip to Austin and going downtown there. I really want to go because I honestly cannot recall one birthday that wasn't a disaster and to me this sounds like heaven. And I know if I start a new job the odds of them giving me the days I want off are zero seeing as how the new person always gets the shit end of the stick. Which I totally get because well your new and need to prove yourself.

So I don't know what to do!! I'm leaning more towards just using my spare time to work on loosing those extra pounds at the gym and focusing on summer school as it will be more difficult due to them condensing at entire semester into 1 month.
Tags: family, sis, work

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