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Penny for your thoughts?

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Hi guys I know it's been a while sorry about that. About a week and a half ago I did some Spring Cleaning if you will and found my old childhood diary, while my friend who was helping me clean was quick to voice her opinion of us reading it for laughs I was quick to interject and stated said material must remain private. Finally I got to re-reading it, as it's only a couple of pages long. And I came to the conclusion that

1. I really miss the innocence of being a child and seeing the world for the very first time without being polluted by it's perverseness and it's many injustices.

2. I never knew how easily influence I was, what I mean is I guess I just accepted everything people said for face value which is kinda funny because I still do that today. I tend to accept what people tell me as the truth, unless proven otherwise. Also how much of a need I had to please others, I was always doing what my mother thought best and what my brother's told me. Strange.

3. AND BEST OF ALL.....I realized exactly how much I missed writing in it or maybe just the notion of it like this journal here. The concept of writing down all ideas, hopes, disappointments, dreams, achievements, and just in general writing down thoughts. Thoughts which make me, well me!

Lol, three very valid points I'd say. Just felt like saying that I suppose.

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