chris_chick (chris_chick) wrote,

[mood: bouncy]
[music: 'Here Comes Goodbye' Rascal Flatts]

Well I've got big news! I've quit my job. I gave my two weeks notice, but those jerks didn't even honor that. My last day was suppose to be October 16th it ended up being this past friday. I know this is what I wanted (hence the quitting in the first place) but it just seems rude for them to not even let me finish my two weeks. I expected some damn professional courtesy, guess that was too much for me to expect even from them. Still after 2 years of working there. I'm finally glad I'm out.

I'm worried, scared, nervous, but above all for the very first time in a long time I feel truly FREE.

Need to start looking for a new job, then. *le sigh*

Meanwhile I've managed to catch up to the latest supernatural episodes up to season 5. Man I'm hardcore addicted. This show rocks so much! And speaking of such, can anyone direct me to a Supernatural mood theme? Or a community of mood themes? Think it's time for a change.

Also check out the new Doctor Who logo. Thoughts? It's clever, but I'm not too sure how I feel about it yet. I'm still waiting for 11th's first episode to judge. lol.
Tags: doctor who, dw, spnl, supernatural, work

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