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*sniffles* So I've been away cause I've been sick as a dog. I've practically masted on how to breathe through my mouth only. :(

Slowly recuperating though. I've got some exciting news my French teacher asked me the other day if I could help an exchange student from Bordeaux adjust a bit to life here. She basically told me that she needed someone to talk to, because she really didn't get a warm welcome from other students here which is a shame. But I was more than glad to obligue. And get this her name is Amelié, and she's really nice and very European, lol. Beautiful light brown hair, blue eyes, big smile, and a lovely french accent. We spent about an hour just talking about France how different the school systems are, and just trying to make her feel comfortable. Although I kinda wanted to practice my French it seems like she wanted to practice her English so we mostly spoke in English. I was trying to talk slow to so she could understand, lol, even though she said I still talked fast. :P

Other than that finally saw the True Blood finale, and I've got to say I was not impressed. :( Expected a bigger cliffhanger, this just seemed like a filler episode. But I guess when I go back to rewatch all the series they will all just flow seamlessly.

Also got started on Season 2 of Supernatural. :) Man I'm totally addicted to this show. I've got to say I loved Jensen in Dark Angel but I love him more as Dean Winchester ♥.

Instead of staying at school during my break I'm going to run home and continue watching S2 I'm one my 3rd disc.
Tags: french, school, spnl, supernatural, tb, true blood

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